Kids grow up really fast, in a short span of time they have this whole transformation from infants to preschoolers… Well my son is now 2 years and 8 months old and so he is on the verge to start his basic schooling… His day is all about jumping around and playing games that suits him well… As a mother I have let him do all nuisance that he loves to do and have let him explore things as per his interest.. Now as he has turned 2 + people around us have started pouring us with advises regarding his enrolment to play school… Well most of my friends have enrolled their kids to play school and they feel it’s the best decision they have taken as by enrolling their kids to play school they get some personal time for their own self and moreover their kids learns the habit to sit in school…

As a parent I can understand and relate with this view point and somewhere I also feel the need for that comfort and adjustment.. So after discussing it with my family and friends, I decided to search for a right play school for my little one.. Presently I’m located at a metropolitan city which has numerous choices in context of selection of school… So my quest for a right play school starts from here…. I have been to 4 or 5, so called good play schools for my child’s admission… The first thing which was fancy about these play schools was their outdoor set up which was the first thing that catches the attention of any child. Numerous swings, play cars, doll house, fancy huts, slides and swings, well I guess these things are good enough to attract any child to be a part of a fun filled school… Now next step was looking for methodology of teaching, although there were not much expectations from teaching methodology… as the sole purpose for me to enrol my son to school was to let him have some fun and to form some good habits for himself… So when I initiated an interaction with the school staff regarding the admission and teaching practices they follow… they have narrated to me in details about teaching methodology and new approaches of advancement which are essential for child’s development… sticking to my purpose I just asked them to make it simple for me and just let me know the basic thing my child will be doing in school and the prompt answer was he will learn things with fun…

So the fun based learning of my son includes some basic rhymes, outdoor play, sketching, activity based learning and little bit of dance for his enjoyment… Honestly speaking this made me think that these things I can easily make my child do at our home with my own assistance … Anyways moving further when I had a word regarding the fee structure for the admission… the minimum fee I was requested to pay was 25 k for just 3 months, so annually one can analyse how much the school wanted to charge..

Well my whole interaction and experience with the play group school has made me think, that isn’t the basic learning of a child starts from home… if as a parent I take out time for my kid leaving aside my cell phone which has What’s app and numerous shopping’s apps which takes away my attention at times and also my laptop which has folders of my write ups, then I can start with the basic learning of my child that too from the comfort of my home… the purpose of any play school is to have fun based learning so why as a parent we don’t take initiatives to make learning a fun for our kids in an innovative way… why we want to leave everything in the name of pre-school which can easily be done with our presence and experience… I’m not against the idea of enrolling child to a play school and I really support this idea in context of those parents who are working and those who don’t have guardian back at home to look after their kids… but for people like me who has taken a break from their jobs just to take care of their kids, has certainly used this option of playschool as an easy escape from their responsibilities… School teachings are pivotal for building and growing a child into a self depended individual but at the same time everything shouldered away under the name of school and its teaching is not acceptable…

Well so I have decided to initiate the basic learning of my child by taking initiative myself… So I make him wake up early in the morning, provides him with breakfast on time… sits with him and teaches him basic alphabets for half an hour, prefers to do colouring with him, recites rhymes along with him, dances with him and takes him out to park to play with him… Honestly speaking I’m enjoying every bit of these activities with him which are the part of his play school learning…. I’m trying to make him learn and adapt to the techniques which will be essential for his development and schooling ahead, so that my munchkin should be rest assured ahead that his mother is there to understand and help him in every possible way whenever he needs it…

So next time If somebody ask me to enrol my child for a play school or take my advice regarding the play school admission I will say.. If we plan to plant a seed than we need to support it with our own efforts rather than relying on external factors… this will make a seed ripe into a beautiful and healthy plant… Similarly If I want my baby to grow into a beautiful and healthy child I need to do it with my own efforts of love and support…!! So somewhere down the line I don’t agree much upon the point that play schools are always the right option for a kid… Well if we can give our time to our kid in a productive way… we can make him learn things with lots of fun that too in his own way….!!!

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  1. but untill den certainly u r d only teacher who could do anything to mk him a asset for everybody…:) nd i appreciate your efforts being a parent you are devoting your full tym to hone your kid from every aspect bt d way we feel confortable doing everything be its fun,learn,dance,everything even if it means to step out f our comfrt zone, with our peers.

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  2. You have picked up correct point !
    I totally agree with you , actually nowdays people are expecting much freedom by sacrificing their relationships.
    They are looking for more space another side they are facing the problem of loneliness .
    Btw you have written so well !

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    1. Thank you so much:)) I just feel that if today we don’t invest our time for our kids than they will also learn to do so in the time ahead…so it’s better to raise them with all our love and support and specially our time as in no time they will have wings to fly high:)) Well thank you so much for going through the blog and providing it with a valuable comment :))

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      1. I really appreciate your thinking !
        Generally in rural areas , still parents are giving proper time for their child cz we hardly find any play school or something like this .
        Unfortunately in urban areas, people are getting after modernization .
        It is just about show off and irresponsible nature of people !

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        1. In cities because of the existing lifestyle, both partners usually prefer to work to meet their needs and demands…Moreover they too have good qualifications on their part so they want to capitalise on it…so at time people have time restriction on their part…this situation is well used by those who knows well how to draw benefits from such situations and thus this may b one of the reason that concept of play schools are trending in cities…

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  3. Indeed it is..and i appreciate dat u took break from teaching and are pondering on your treasure(child) than odr trivial things, wch may b your priority b4 transit to parenthood.aftee being a mother atleast one shld adhere to d responsibilities of a mother its mch more than providing luxuries to d child 4 d child d nly luxury he/she needs now is your attention and love, wch unfortunately z lacking dese days .i believe that mother’s touch and affection of a mother are d only thing wch vl leave lasting imprints in child’s lyf as its dis tender age whn d child is fully depndnt on mother(emotionally,morally,mentaly,physically)wtever we vl instill in him he’l carry ol his lyf wd him later,after 5 years d child vl b mature enough to mk frnds,interact wd people he like he’l learn from his experience.but untill den certainly u r d only teacher who could do anything to mk him a asset for everybody…:)

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  4. D purpose f play schools z to inculcate basic necessary things among d kids with fun way.nd i appreciate your efforts being a parent you are devoting your full tym to hone your kid from every aspect bt d way we feel confortable doing everything be its fun,learn,dance,everything even if it means to step out f our comfrt zone, with our do dese kids too with their level f intelligence, under d virtually alluring

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    1. First of all thank you so much for reading the post and sharing your views..:)) well to start with first i will say schooling is very important to any child as it helps him to evolve in a better way..An ideal schooling for a child starts when he has developed a sense of understanding to understand things in a better enrolling a child who is between 18 months of age to 3 years has its own consequences ahead…A child will always learn thing at every stage of his life so isn’t’ it better to let him have fun till 3 years of his tender age..once he is 3 plus he will perhaps develop a better understanding of things and will do and learn things in a better way…Well this post was specially in context of those parents who has taken this trend of play school so seriously that they feel that play schools are only the right choice for their kids without even pondering that even after play school their is a main school where they will learn things in a same way which they have learnt in play school but perhaps with little more thinking and understanding:)) For those who are working, play schools certainly stands as their need…but for people like me who are on break just to raise their kids can use this time in a productive way to guide and prepare their child for their next step…Well i’m a teacher by profession and is currently on break and yet I feel that I can give my child these 3 years of enjoyment and let him learn things with his own pace rather than going by any cat race of what others have learnt and at what age…Overall it’s just a perspective…so some will agree and some will defer..
      But thank you so much for sharing your views on my post it means a lot when people take intiative to come up with their view points:))

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