Little moments of profound happiness

We all aim for big things in life a good job, an upgraded rank, professional success, foreign trips, a big house, a big car …. And all these become the miniature of our desires… We get so much confined within these desires that at times we miss out on those moments which brings real joy in our life… Our life is a reflection of our day to day experience and through these experiences we learn things and create memories… I remember as a child I was extremely thrilled about Christmas… On Christmas Eve I used to buy a card for my neighbour and give it to her with a sweet and cute message written on it… In return she used to give me a brown cake which I used to munch with great joy so those were the moments of real joy for me which used to make me feel the spirit of Christmas… As time has passed things have changed and those personal messages on cards are replaced by messages on phones and social networking sites and that cake which was baked at home with love is now replaced by diverse variety in market… yet I am still resonated by those memories on every Christmas day which keeps alive that festivity in me and makes me appreciate it more than any luxury I can ask for…

Well we all desire to accomplish things in our life which are grand and in that accomplishment we sometime miss out on things which seems minuscule yet are precious to us… Sometimes the joy of buying a new gadget seems much bigger than dropping a hello message or call to an old lost friend or relative…. A list of 500+ friends on social networking site is more important than having 2 real friends to speak out our heart with.…We all love our memories and yearns to relive them without understanding that sometime speaking to someone in their presence can be much more beautiful than remembering them in their absence… Visiting a place with lasting memories that too with our loved ones can be much more rejuvenating than giving a thumps up likes and comments on pictures of those who had taken initiative to relive those memories… There is much more joy in these little moments than to wait for that one grand moment to  be created and celebrated…For me a surprise cake on the occasion of anniversary or birthday can be more astonishing…if it is accompanied by the company of one who has planned it… Eating out my favourite food without worrying seems more relaxing to me than planning out a specific occasion for dinning… Visiting my parents and grandparents are much more exhilarating than a video call on Skype…. As a parent now I feel my time and company has prime importance in my child’s life than the numerous gifts I bring it for him… Sometime playing with my kid and teaching him a thing seems more nourishing for me than investing my time on such platforms which are for mere show … My presence is what that matters most for my child’s pedestal so that someday he emerges out as a good individual thus no gifts and no excuse can replace that for him…These are the little moments which when I weave together creates beautiful memories for me that stands beyond anything.

Life is much more than waiting for that right moment… it’s about creating those moments which turns out right…Sometimes running out for peripheral issues we miss out on our core ones….In our zest of achieving everything and reaching out for pinnacle we fill our life with so much of void that the people for whom we had desired that success are left far behind…so before it turns out too late let’s start enjoying these little moments so that some day they turn out to be the source of ultimate happiness for us..Let’s try little things in a little way which can bring forth a change in a better way…!!!

© 2016  Priyanka Bisht 

The copyrights on the article belongs to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.


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  1. This is good. A reminder that the great things in life are not really things. And we shouldn’t waste time living that which is important to us. We got rather a short life to live and to waste on things that do not truly count. Our time with our loved ones, our time doing the things we truly love, our time devoted staying on and mindfully savoring the present and our time doing those awesome favor to ourselves are guaranteed to make as truly happy.
    Little they may seem to us, some of those things. But looking back, it’s really those little simple things we’ve done in the past yet we loved doing are the ones dearly enshrined in our hearts and memories.
    Great post! Love this one 👍❤️

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  2. मैं यहाँ नया हूँ, पर आप जैसे बुद्धिजीवि और जीवन के महत्व पर गहरे से विचार करते लेखकों से मिलना मेरे लिए बहुत बड़ी बात है।


  3. बहुत सुंदर प्रियंका जी, हम जीवन में बड़ी ख़ुशी की प्रतीक्षा में छोटे छोटे अबोध पलों को उपेक्षा कर बैठते है। आधुनिकता की दौड़ में अपने आप को और अपनों को भूल जाना ही हमारे आतंरिक दृष्टिहीनता का प्रमाण है।

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  4. So true. Most of the time we are always planning for the future and for the endless desires which we thing will make us happy once we have attained them without realizing that true happiness is in these little moments which we take for granted. Your blog is very inspiring and reminds us to live in the moment. Love it!

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  5. You are very right with this one, “Well we all desire to accomplish things in our life which are grand and in that accomplishment we sometime miss out on things which seems minuscule yet are precious to u” great post. Keep on writing and keep on moving! Thank you for the follow. I am following you back!

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  6. The problem is that we have assigned happiness to a specific goal and have forgotten or rather stopped experiencing joy while on the journey.It is only when we achieve that goal and do not feel satisfied,then is the actual enlightenment that happiness lies in the journey!
    Thanks for sharing,loved your post and could relate to it..

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    1. So true you are in your words.. It’s true we have actually made happiness related to specific goals.. If we attain them we are happy & if we don’t than we keep on running after them forgetting about our little moments of joys which we experience through this journey .. It’s my pleasure you could relate to my words 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Mrs shraddha for your appreciation.. Same is my feeling even I feel so connected to you through your words.. I am glad we are in touch with each other through our thoughts and words☺☺☺


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