Let’s find ways for a happy marriage

Marriage has certain definitions to it…Some define it as an amalgamation of two souls… for some it is an alliance between two people and their families… and for someone like my husband it’s about “two individuals” and their journey altogether…so different people adds different insight to its meaning.. No matter what definition justifies it best… the essence of marriage lies in how two individuals’ works out to make it a happy one..!!!

Every marriage is beautiful when it is embarked; there are efforts by both partners to evolve in it… adjustment, appreciation, compromise, patience all are the keywords attached to it…but slowly and gradually they are replaced by rigidness, disapproval’s, confrontation and impatience. Every marriage marks a high and low point for it…The things which seemed to be right at one point begin to lose its validation after some point and this is where we need to maintain composure and resolve it with understanding. There is nothing defined as perfect marriage…Every marriage has certain implication to it… it’s all about how we deal with those implications and thrives through it. So let’s take a glimpse of few of those points which can help us to maintain a happy and a blissful marriage…..

  1. Space: Every individual needs space in their life and nobody wants it to be constrained by anyone thus prioritizing on giving space to our partner in marriage will give him a sense of independence which will work to harmonize things in marriage.
  2. Respect: The phrase “Give respect and take respect” is adaptable for every happy marriage. Until and unless we don’t respect our partner and his desires it will never get reciprocated in same way. So maintaining respect in marriage will enhance the exquisiteness in marriage.
  3. Loyalty: Trust and loyalty forms the nucleus of marriage… They are among the key factors which work to bring security in marriage …Every individual expect their partner to remain loyal to them and trust them in every situation thus they play a pivotal role in boosting the bond of marriage.
  4. Priorities: Setting out clear priorities in marriage reflects the understanding of two partners… It is important to understand each other priorities in terms of personal, professional and social aspects…Once we are clear with these priorities it will work to bring stability in our marriage.
  5. Communication: The essence of happy marriage lies in a healthy communication between two partners. One need to speak out what they want in marriage rather than assuming other to understand it…Speaking out things and resolving issues will definitely shape the way one carries their marriage ….
  6. Love and affection: One need to be loved at every point of marriage…no matter how young or old we turns out to be, there should be no deficiency in expressing our love to our partner, it certainly adds charisma to our marriage.
  7. Family and friends: They comprise the set of prime people in our life beside our partner so unifying with them strengthens our marriage. Help them; love them without the distinction of yours and mine and see how they turn out to be a unifying source for a happy marriage.
  8. Mutual efforts: Every marriage works if both the partners give their 100% to it… It’s their mutual efforts which let them grow and evolve together and helps to bring equilibrium to their marriage.

Thus these are the few points which I have mentioned here… if you feel they already exist in your marriage than you are certainly leading to a right path and if you feel you are lacking on some of them than there is no harm implementing on them…Thus to conclude off …All I will say where there is a will there is a way… so work out on your will to find your ways and grow in your marriage with a striking ray…!!!

© 2017 Priyanka Bisht 

The copyrights on the article belongs to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.


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    1. See, any work which is your own creation for that you can hold a copyright…secure it with a copyright symbol and clauses attached to it…you can turn to google baba regarding it…☺☺it will clear you doubts…as a blogger i will suggest always copyright © your work…!!!

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  1. I read till the end also I learned many things !
    One thing i assumed , there are different different types of writers , lot of them write their virtual thought and some of them put the feeling which is currently going on , you are the one of them .
    Keep writing


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