post pregnancy fight-from fat to fit



I am a mother of a two-year old toddler and my life with him is right now like a roller coaster ride, from tantrum deals to crazy meals, dirty house to his curious zeal, all these things keeps me engrossed and active throughout the day and throughout the weeks.. But with no second thought in my mind I can say firmly that I am enjoying every moment of this ride with my little munchkin…

Well I have always been a fitness freak and a choosy eater so for me to look fit and to be presentable is always on my priority list…After 1 year of my marriage when me and my hubby thought to plan our child we never thought it would bring a 360 degree turn to my appearance..

The journey started with pregnancy …I was really happy about it and shared the good news with family, friends and colleagues, got many advises from everybody… I was the centre of attraction for everyone and was cherishing this feeling…All my fitness obsession and my choosy and specific eating habits took a back seat and I started enjoying the much relaxed state of pregnancy with no restriction on anything…The result was a 25kg lift in my weight…from size ‘S’ I was converted into a ‘XL’ one.. From a smarty I had turned into an aunty…Anyways I had no choice to reduce until and unless my baby was delivered so just waited for it…As I had put on a lot, I knew it that there was no scope for more post pregnancy weight to get cling to my body so was just waiting for the right time to start things…After 45 days of my delivery when I went to see my gynaecologist for my regular checkup she told me sarcastically before her staff members that I was not recognizable at all and the excess weight I had put on had changed me drastically..Well that what irked me like anything and I got determined to shed off the extra bulge I was carrying…

After 55 days of bed rest I told my hubby that I wanted to get fit and he supported me with my decision…so the first thing he shopped for me was a pair of sports shoes as the older ones were really not getting fit.. I knew that I was not a gym person so going to a gym was really not on my mind…so I had to think what options were there for me…Well I had always cherished to go for long walks so I thought to capitalize on it…but the figure of 25kgs was a challenging one, and on the top being a nursing mother I was not supposed to diet…so I was sceptical about my move..But still thought to give it a try… I started with normal walk… mine was normal delivery so after 55 days of rest I found it normal to go for easy walks… I planned not to diet but to intake calories which were fine for me and my baby…So I had cut oil and butter from my diet and started taking a normal balanced diet of chapatis, vegetables, lentils, milk, curd and fruits in normal quantity…There was no overeating in fact I learnt to eat right for my body… I had always kept one thing in my mind and that was to love my body and to love my kid equally…so slowly and gradually started with my things… Well every motivation faces challenges at some point and so did it happen to me… I had been told by people around that going for walks and indulging in any physical exercise will decrease the milk supply for my baby…Some said attaining the pre-pregnancy weight was certainly not possible now, and some said giving it a try at such an early stage was really unfair on my part for my baby….well I listened to all and just focused on my aim to be fit….slowly gradually I had converted my easy walks into brisk walk of one hour..My diet was fully balanced I was not starving and was just eating sensibly, and was feeding my child regularly with no deficiency of milk for him… My child was healthy according to all medical standards… Within a month I had reduced three kg and I was motivated to reach my aim…In next 3 months I had reduced 10kg and it was like a big accomplishment for me…out of 25kg…10kg was already down so now it was the battle for 15kgs…I was highly motivated with my achievement and was continuing my diet and walks regularly..I was constantly down on weighing scale and that gave me an opportunity to feast my appetite… after every two weeks I used to had one special lunch or dinner of my choice and used to fulfill my cravings….throughout my journey I had never missed on my family life or stressed myself to any exertion…I was always positive about my approach to get fit…After 9 months I was exactly on my pre-pregnancy weight…Well eyes were popped out, jaws were dropped and I had conquered what I want… yes I was fit… yes from fat I turned fit and even till now I am maintaining it.. still enjoying my long walks with dada and our little munchkin…

© 2016 Priyanka Bisht 

The copyrights on the article belongs to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.


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  1. Hats off to your determination…n congrats on your achievement… u have just proved that a firm determination is all that is required for anything at this age… unless anyone has any medical condition to be bothered about, I’ve always believed that post pregnancy fight for weight reduction is possible…a well written blog.. god bless…regards…tc..😍😍

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