In the morning and at the dark,

I send my prayers to the almighty lord,

For the safety of one who has taken the charge,

Of guarding the borders of two nations apart

I call him a soldier, who works hard, to bring in peace and to safeguard,

The life of those who has taken different path…


He stands as a father and as a son,

He is a loving brother to his little ones

A friend, a husband he is all in one,

Then why he is just defined as one,

Who needs to outshine his life under the glorious sun…


Let’s hold a moment to get an insight,

For what he does for us day and night,

He wears his uniform with a pride,

And doesn’t regret to put his sleep aside,

Under the heat, thunder and light,

That too far away from his dear one’s sight…


Let’s render respect to this daring one,

Who stands for the nation and for its freedom, 

Fearless and ferocious he stands with his gun,

For safety and honour of all citizens

And so he is a saviour, who protects everyone…

© 2017 Priyanka Bisht 

All Rights Reserved 



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    1. Thank you so much….it’s really a great feeling when someone can connect to my words and thoughts…This post is just a token of respect for our saviours…!!! Thanks for taking out time and going through this post..thanks for your appreciation 🙂

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  1. This is great that you took an initiative to describe our soldiers’ struggle that goes unheard and unread at times.I will not say anything because whatever I say will be less in comparison to their great sacrifices which rarely any of us have the courage to do so.

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