From Strangers to Soulmates

Met you as a stranger made you my friend…Loved you every moment to tie up all ends & than we decided to hold our hands… Till the time eternity ends… well there cannot be a better way to wish my hubby on his birthday than to revive back our memories through this post on his D day.

Nearly five years back we met as strangers with no clue in our mind that some day we will decide to embark our journey together. Ours is an “arrange cum love marriage” where we got arranged by our parents and then we fell in love and decided to get married to each other. The initial attraction between us started with our talks regarding our birthdays…Well we both share our birthdays  consecutive to each other, so we knew it if we will start our things we will have back to back celebrations ahead and on this light note things sparkled between us… These sparks have initiated the process of making an unknown – known to me and has invoked a  certain zest  in me to explore every single detail about that stranger sitting next to me. Our first meet was a complete family oriented meet where one was expected to hear more and talk less and thus as expected it was short prim and proper.

 Although during that meet we got an opportunity to interact with each other which gave me a glimpse of what ‘he” stands as an individual and how compatible I can be to him…

By the time this meet happened we both had already  surpassed that stage of frustration, where from matrimonial sites to newspaper columns from friends to acquaintances, marriage was one of the most common topic being discussed by everyone in our life… So when this opportunity knocked our door… to know about each other… we discussed about everything  we possibly could do in that short span of time other than marriage… The big bounce moment came when after that first meet our parents anticipated for a “Yes” from our side…. Sometime it’s really tough to say” yes” when we know this one single word can bring a radical change in our life. These are the moments when we expect sensibility and experience of our elders to guide us and help us to elucidate our way… and thus in those moments my parents gave us an opportunity to meet again and decide about our future…

This opportunity was grabbed by the notorious child in me, who decided to unveil the attributes of this stranger in her own way… and thus took that stranger for a car drive of 3 hours… where he was expected to speak, listen and think while driving cautiously… This was the moment which became a discovering moment for us….where we explored about each other in real sense… The sweetness of that moment had facilitated beautiful memories from which our friendship was embarked…

We had put in our 9 months in raising our relationship… from attraction to friendship it has moved to love & marriage… thus this was the time when this stranger  became an imperative part of my life…from long talks to late night chats…from gifts to cards….all these things had made our relationship grow with a definite charm… Our likes, dislikes, and temperament were getting clear to each other and thus the pedestal of our future was being laid … in those 9 months we got to know, explore and analyze each other in depth…There was a certain amusement I felt in those passing moments where I could feel how my love was growing for that person who stood as a stranger for me till few months back… As we say it takes 9 months for a life to grow into a child…. similarly our relationship grew in this time and all through this while this stranger stood by me in all thick and thin and made me sure about my decision to marry him…


Our relationship nurtured to a different altitude with our courtship and we got to know that… we all meet as  a stranger to each other in our life… it’s all about how much efforts we put in to know about  a person to make him a dear one…My exploration of this stranger has made him one of the most important person in my life, i.e. my “soul mate” , my epitome of strength, who has made me believe that no matter  what kind of marriage we opt for…what matters most is to find that right person who makes a marriage  worth of everything and I am glad I have found that one…Hope we remain blessed to be together always and we keep on reviving our memories all through our life in a same way on our every birthday… again from strangers to soul mates….!!!

Happy Birthday My Love…..!!!

© 2017 Priyanka Bisht 

The copyrights on the article belongs to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.


49 thoughts on “From Strangers to Soulmates

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    1. O thank you so much for your sweet words….!!! I’m glad you liked it….every time a comment comes for this post I feel so good … I always wanted to write a post for my hubby and thought there cannot be a better way to weave my thoughts and pour them in words like this..❤❤
      Thanks a ton for sparing out your time and dropping back with such beautiful words☺☺☺


  1. This is so sweet ❤ All these words from the bottom of your heart really made it even more sweet, true and pious.This also gives sneak pick of our typical Indian wedding where two people meet as strangers and ends as soulmate 😉 This was very well expressed and beautifully written 🙂 And yeah belated happy birthday to both of you 😉 Stay blessed always nd be happy nd keep smiling forever ❤ 🙂 😉 ❤

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  2. Thank you for giving this particular Westerner a wonderful peek into the world of a successful marriage being arranged through family connections.

    The age old tradition is not understood so well in Europe, where many look down upon it. This is particularly hypocritical when viewed in the context of the same people applauding European royal families and aristocrats for having followed exactly the same tradition over countless centuries.

    I wish you and your partner a long and happy life together.

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  3. These words from the bottom of your heart is the best gift you can give your husband. When two people meet and have to make a decision about marriage, there is a lot of tension around, I like what you said about that, to talk to the person about so many other things that are there in the world…..Perhaps I’ll do the same when my time comes! Wonderful read indeed!

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